Timetables & Prices

Blu Rate €68 (departure address between Rivabella and Marebello)

Orange Rate €79 (departures address between Bellaria and Cattolica)

For departure addresses that are outside the indicated areas, or beyond the indicated hours, please contact us directly at the number (+39) 334.3633664 or send us an email at info@gbviaggi.com.

N.B. In the case of bookings outside the established routes and special times other than the easygoo service, races are also guaranteed with a supplement based on the bookings of the required day.


Timetable (departures from Rimini | departures from Bologna)

arrival to Bologna 04:15

arrival to Bologna 07:15

arrival to Bologna 11:15

arrival to Bologna 14:15

arrival to Bologna 16:15

arrival to Bologna 19:45

arrival to Bologna 00:20

departure from Bologna 23:10 *

departure from Bologna 07:10 *

departure from Bologna 11:10 *

departure from Bologna 15:10 *

departure from Bologna 19:10 *

departure from Bologna 01:20 *

* = unique rate 78€

Groups or family promotions

up to 4 people (one load) €160, up to 7 people (one load) €180