Easy Goo

The service that was not there and now…here it is!

I was making a trip with an important customer. He was going to a company where he worked as a consultant. It happens often that you talk and talk about everything during a trip. He talked about the last holiday he made with his wife and a couple of friends. Gorgeous! The only bad experience was the journey from home to Bologna airport and vice versa.

He told me that they leave at dawn and had to take a taxi from and then with their freinds they went to the airport with their car. They had reached a car park near to the airport and after loading luggage on a compartment they had finally arrived at the entrance. Not to mention the return trip, the anxiety of losing the airplane coincidence or finding the car damaged in the street or not finding the car at all.

So I thought: what if I offer a very simple service? I will go directly to the house of the customers and I will bring them at the airport. With an online booking we can help people with the same need and pay an affordable price.

So Easy Goo started.
An idea that solves the problems of those who have to travel, people who have to take an airplane or come in Riviera Romagnola for a vacation, or have to travel for work. Without worry, no tricky baggage trans-ship. You can just go to the website and book online within 24 hours, paying with credit card. The mail will confirm the trip and the exact departure time, when we will be picking you up at home. When you will come back our staff will be there at fixed times; if you lose one route, you can pick up the next.

Let your holiday begin when you get out of the door!