About us

We provide a highly personalized service to everyone who has to move for work or vacation. Our Services meet the everyday demands efficiency, comfort and savings in the shortest time possible. We give the customer the confidence to arrive at the airport or return home after a trip from their own home, as with a taxi but at extra cost. Make sure that the costumers will arrive in time in the airport or return home after a travel, starting from their own home, like a taxi but with less expensive cost.

Team and car fleet
People are important to us. The ones we carry on our vehicles and also those that form our team. For this reason we all care about technical training as well as relationship with the customer, to give you quality, safety and punctuality. We believe that the transport service must be efficient, comfortable and practical. Our drivers are chosen to give you reliability and professionalism and to allow you a comfortable and serene journey. The vehicles are always efficient and in perfect condition, thanks to a tight program of maintenance and hygiene of the passenger compartment. Maintenance of our vehicles is done by authorized shops, in line with current safety and pollution regulations.

We were born in 2006 to support new urban and extra urban transportations. We have intercepted the needs of people moving for personal or work or tourism reasons. Also for people who wants to move freely in leisure time, without any worry for penalties provided by the traffic law. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience while keeping in mind every need and every type of customer. We walked the streets with passion and sense of responsibility, offering our customers an unmatched service.

How we work
We guarantee accurate and customized services. Our goals are politeness, discretion, kindness, accuracy. We offer 24-hour service to take you safely wherever you need it. We are actively working to make our services more and more accessible and innovative with online bookings. We pay particular attention to quality/prices comparison, because we think that security and service are a luxury for you.